Jeanne Prosser is a leading numerologist, author and spiritual mentor

Having a strong connection with nature she loves traveling on spiritual adventures both within Australia and overseas. Jeanne is co-author of “Numerology and Your Child”, a book that provides simple techniques to reward parents with a deeper understanding of their child’s world. As well as holding workshops in Western Australia Jeanne is a regular reader and speaker at Expos. She also does numerology readings via zoom.


“Jeanne is an inspiring numerologist. I have always found her readings to be spot on, she has a deep spiritual connection and brings magic to the world through numbers. Jeanne is able to share this knowledge and understanding through readings or workshops which I highly recommend.”

Fiona Ferreira

“I attended one of Jeanne's numerology courses and the insight it has given me has been life changing to say the least! My reason for initially attending was because of seeing regular number patterns like 11:11 and 222. I was keen to understand more about how and why. However, Jeanne's course offered so much more than expected. I found the accuracy spot on - the numbers don't lie! Even down to my specific age and entering a new cycle, Jeanne showed me my number projections. After gaining this new insight I use numerology almost every day - noticing numbers and the messages behind them. If you are curious I would highly recommend - it opens new doors and perspectives on numbers around you.”

Alison Hill

“As a numerologist Jeanne has a unique ability to share her knowledge through her book and the professional facilitation of her numerology groups. Through her steady guidance we all learned more about ourselves through our own specific numbers, as well as the numbers that are relevant on the planet today. An enthralling experience. Thanks Jeanne. Moya Love Writer of Messages from Spirit”

Writer of Messages from Spirit

Moya Love

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome Message

    • How to Use This Course

  • 02

    Module #1


    • 1.1 What is Numerology?

    • 1.2 Why use Numerology?

    • 1.3 The History of Numerology

    • Numerology Overview

  • 03

    Module #2


    • 2.1 What is the Life Path number?

    • 2.2 How to work out the Life Path number

    • Test your learning of Life Path numbers

    • 2.3 Numbers, Planets and Signs

    • Test your learning of Numbers, Planets and Signs

    • How to find the Life Path number

  • 04

    Module #3


    • 3.1 Life Path One

    • 3.2 Life Path Two

    • 3.3 Life Path Three

    • 3.4 Life Path Four

    • 3.5 Life Path Five

    • 3.6 Life Path Six

    • 3.7 Life Path Seven

    • 3.8 Life Path Eight

    • 3.9 Life Path Nine

    • Life Path numbers 1-9 PDF

  • 05

    Module #4


    • 4.1 Master 11 - The Spiritual Messenger

    • 4.2 Master 22 - The Master Builder

    • 4.3 Master 33 - The Master Healer

    • Characteristics of Master Numbers

    • Test your learning of Master Numbers

    • Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 PDF

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    Module #5

    • Congratulations!

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